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Hi. πŸ‘‹ I'm Jane E.!

I do lots of things. This blog is one of them. πŸ‘‡

Selfie taken while laying down; hand facing palm-up over face

I create content about that which I am passionate in hopes of enhancing the lives of those in mine, who are interested in being the best version of themselves, by being the person I needed yesterday.

  • My life philosophy is that we are all seeds in people’s lives, and if you’re familiar with nature, you know everything is fair game — toxic weeds, beneficial weeds, flowers, produce, trees. Who knows what someone’s seed will grow into being? Or what you will grow into being? It’s never quite the same. It’s a legacy.
Screenshot of Wotakoi anime scene that says "The better the book is, the faster I read it."
Β© A-1 Pictures adaptation of Fujita’s Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku
  • My childhood β‰  comprised of butterflies and rainbows. I was neglected, abused and infantilized — and the latter continues on throughout adulthood because of where I come from, as well as my autism, and who I was as a childhood. Reclaiming my autonomy is a top priority in my life, hence why I advocate for defining yourself rather than accepting the fate of allowing others to define you instead.
  • I’m making small changes in my life & routine towards both personal and environmental sustainability. Personal sustainability includes automation (Alexa routines, curbside grocery pickup, Amazon Subscribe & Save for snacks); environmental sustainability includes eco, non-toxic cleaning products and green oral hygiene.
  • The key to most things in life is simplification. Sure, I compartmentalize my letter board characters and nightstand, but I ended the frustration of sharing a bathroom with my cousin’s five boys by putting my hygiene essentials in a caddy.
  • I’d rather be cold than burning up. You can remove layers to keep cool whilst remaining warm, but at some point you will be naked if it’s too hot.
Messy desk
  • Life is messy. Instead of trying to be someone I’m not and constantly alter my appearance, or the appearance of my things, to appease people, I allot my spoons to the places which demand them and conserve my energy accordingly. As an actually autistic adult, giving 150 percent of myself is the expected amount of functionality in a world that doesn’t embrace neurodiversity. This is not sustainable, so I’m working towards giving 100 percent of myself instead on my best days and going lower on my worst days, like my allistic (non-autistic) counterparts. Better for my autism to shine than to experience autistic burnout and meltdowns.